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G.J.J.B. (Gerben) van den Berg

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J.J. (Justin) van der Starre

Strategy Trends  2016

For the tenth consecutive year, Berenschot’s Strategy Trends survey provides an insight into trending topics on the strategic agenda of Dutch companies. As in previous editions, the survey focuses on topics discussed in the Dutch boardrooms: the CEOs Agenda. The survey was conducted based on an online questionnaire, mainly with multiple choice answers. A number of open-end questions were also added. As some answers may constitute sensitive competitive information, the participants were guaranteed full anonymity. The participants were approached via Berenschot’s network and by generating media attention, among others through  weblogs and social media.

Strategy Trends Quick Facts

  • Over 500 different companies
  • 10 different sectors
  • 26 different questions
  • Questions about: Strategic and Social Issues, Finance, Strategic Challenges and more
  • More than 70% has a seat in the boardroom
  • 12% is self-employed, more than two-thirds consists of large companies


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Justin van der Starre

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