Dutch Growth Expectations according to Dutch CEO's

For most respondents, the Netherlands and the adjacent countries remain by far the biggest sales markets. In 2015, only 54% of respondents indicated that they saw the Netherlands as their key sales market. This year, the percentage rose to over 80%. However, with their internal affairs in order, companies also start to look for growth opportunities abroad. Almost half of all respondents expect to find the biggest sales markets abroad in the future. Economic recovery in the USA is a basis for many respondents to expect growing sales in North America in the future. Although the sales growth in Eastern Europe was forecast at 10% in 2015, only 3% of respondents indicates short-term sales growth is expected in that region. The outlook for the region, however, still remains positive. Where 2016 forecasts for Asia were slightly tempered due to disappointing economic figures for China and some other Asian countries, significantly higher market growth is expected in the future. In particular the energy sector is expecting to achieve a clear foothold in India in the next few years. 21% of respondents in the energy sector indicates seeing India as a key market in the future.

Future Markets according to Dutch CEO's: The Netherlands, Europe, USA

With the Dutch economy showing gradual signs of growth, the growth forecasts are adjusted accordingly. 33% of the respondent CEOs indicated they expected stable sales in 2016. No less than 60% is forecasting clear growth. Only 7% of respondents takes a more pessimistic view, expecting to end this year with a decrease in sales. To reduce cost, many CEOs focus on adjusting the primary process of the organisation. In particular process optimisation is considered the best way to reduce the organisation’s cost in 2016. Furthermore, CEOs also see flexibilisation of the employee population as a cost-cutting method. This theme is also relatively high on this year’s agenda as a strategic card to play.

Future Markets & Growth prospects

Most CEOs see opportunities again in the growing Dutch economy. Both domestic and international growth and opportunities are spotted. Almost half of all companies expect foreign markets to become more important than the Dutch market for future sales. Now that their internal organisation is in order, companies dare to start looking for new markets. 


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